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Do you want to start your own NGO or charity app? If you are researching about best NGO apps development company, this article will be helpful for you.

This is a known fact that for charitable and other purposes, several non-profit organizations start their own mobile applications. Apps for NGO can assist them in sharing their message, enhancing fundraising efforts, promoting social awareness, locating volunteers, and managing campaigns. Charity is a common practice and a little deed that can benefit those in need. Through mobile apps, it is now possible to direct donations to the appropriate needy people or organizations. With the help of a mobile app anyone can provide donations to those who may be located far from them. So, if you run a nonprofit organization or hospital and want and app, these are the NGO app development companies that can make you app.

List of Best NGO App Developers

  • Blue Whale Apps
  • Hyperlink InfoSystem
  • The NineHertz
  • Eleks
  • Simpalm
  • Dev Technosys
  • Konstant
  • MindSea
  • TechMagic
  • Octal IT Solutions

Blue Whale Apps

Blue Whale Apps is an app development company that makes custom apps for NGOs and charity organizations. They have completed over 500 mobile applications development projects. This company is known for putting great effort into making high quality apps for NGOs. Their agile methodology and client centric approach make them a leading NGO app development company

Founded Year: 2006

Team size: 50+ employees

Offices: United States (Florida, New York), United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

Quality: W3 Silver award and the Appy award winner.

Clients: UNICEF, United Way, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and many more.

Skills: Swift, Kotlin, Java, and more.

NGO app development Work: Blue Whale Apps has developed diverse apps for NGOs, including social platforms, donation apps, and volunteer management tools.

Hyperlink InfoSystem

With an extensive experience of more than 20 years in mobile apps development Hyperlink Infosystem is a company that makes apps for NGOs. They make custom mobile applications for all types of NGOs be it national NGO, city-wide social welfare firms, or International NGO. They have many happy clients who can share the positive works about this app development company. They have affordable mobile app development packages

Founded Year: 2011

Team size: 250+ employees

Offices: India (Ahmedabad), United States (New York), United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

Quality: Top rated NGO mobile app development company by Clutch and GoodFirms.

Clients: UNICEF, World Health Organization (WHO) and many more.

Skills: NodeJS, IOS, Android.

NGOs app development work:  NGO education platforms, Crowdfunding apps and donation platforms.

The NineHertz

The NineHertz is another well-known mobile app development company that makes apps for NGO and charity companies. They have an extensive command in making custom mobile applications based on ideas. They have made many successful apps including treatment charity app, and help crowdfunding apps. This is one of the leading NGO apps development company in India

Founded: 2008

Team size: 200+ employees

Offices: India (Jaipur), United States (Ohio), United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

Quality: Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award.

Clients: International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), and many more.

Skills: IOS, Android, Flutter

NGO App Development Work: Charity apps, disaster relief platforms, and fundraising app tools, animal welfare apps.


Eleks is another trustworthy NGO apps development company with a team of highly qualified app developers. They have made many web apps, and mobile apps for NGOs and health organizations. They have list of many happy clients. Eleks is a leading NGO app development company in Estonia. They have 18 offices worldwide which make them one of the largest app development company.

Founded Year: 1991

Team size: 1,700+ employees

Offices: Ukraine (Lviv, Kyiv), United States (Las Vegas), United Kingdom (London), Poland (Wrocław) and more

Quality: GSA UK Awards and the Global Sourcing Association award.

Clients: UNDP, UNICEF, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and many more.

Skills: .NET, Java, IOS, Android, React, Ruby

Work: Data Visualization apps, donation app, and volunteer management platforms.


Simpalm is a company that makes that make all kinds of NGO apps such as nonprofit management app, donation apps, NGO awareness app, and many others. This is one of the finest NGO mobile applications development company. This never fails to inspire their client with their quality mobile applications development work.

Founded Year:  2009

Team size: 50+ employees

Offices: United States (Chicago)

Quality: Appy Award winner

Clients: Wellmom, ASRA.

Skills: IOS, Android

Dev Technosys

Dey Technosys is another big app development company that makes apps for charity organizations. As many NGOs provide food and medicine in time of natural disaster. They need apps for manage this process. Our the core expertise of Dev Technosys is to make app based on the requirements from clients. They have crafted a wide range of innovative mobile applications.

Founded Year: 2010

Team size: 120+ employees

Offices: India (Jaipur), United States (Denver)

Quality: International Business Award Winner.

Clients: Undisclosed.

Skills: NodeJS, React Native, Swift, Kotlin.

Work: family planning apps, charity apps, and labor management apps.

Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant is a leading applications development company that has also done a bit of work in NGOs and charity applications development. They provides end-to-end mobile application development solution and make sure to deliver project on time and within budget. They are in making applications for NGOs, social services and welfare organizations.

Founded Year: 2003

Team size: 170+ employees

Offices: India (Jaipur), United States (California, Florida)

Quality: Webby award winners.

Clients: Undisclosed

Skills: Swift, JavaScript, Kotlin, Java

Work: Konstant Infosolutions has developed disaster management apps, donation apps, and volunteer scheduling apps.


MindSea is an award-winning app development company that makes unique apps for NGOs, animal welfare companies, and child protection companies. They have an excellent record of working on complex app development projects. The team has senior developers that make enterprise-level apps. They make Minimal Viable Products (MVPs) to full digital products in with a fast turnaround time.

Founded Year: 2009

Team size: 30+ employees

Offices: Canada (Halifax)

Quality: Appy award .

Clients: The Canadian Red Cross, and many more.

Skills: Swift, Kotlin, Java.

Work: Fundraising apps, event management apps, and volunteer apps.


TechMagic is yet another excelled app development company that is centered on social welfare apps and NGO applications. Their prices are generally fair, and they have a goal of assisting NGOs through their own app. This company has a presence all over the world and has development centers in Boston and Ukraine. They have a team of talented app developers.

Founded Year:  2014

Team size: 200+ employees

Offices: Ukraine (Lviv, Kharkiv), United States (Boston)

Quality: Inc. 5000 Europe award.

Clients: UN.

Skills: Swift, Kotlin, Java

Work: Information sharing apps, disaster management apps, and data analysis tools.

Octal IT Solution

The Octal IT Solution team implements creative concepts. It is one of the most renowned mobile app development companies in the world; they have created more than 200 wonderful mobile apps to date.  Their team use agile application development methodology from inspiration to delivery. This company has done a respectful amount of work in social and NGOs app development.

Founded Year:  2004

Team size: 150+ employees

Offices: India (Jaipur), United States (Florida), United Kingdom (London)

Quality: International Business award winners

Clients: Undisclosed

Skills: NodeJS, React Native, Swift, Kotlin, Java

Work: charity apps, and disaster management apps.

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